Mel, Our Hero

Merriam-Webster defines a friend as “one attached to another by affection or esteem; acquaintance; one that is not hostile; a favored companion.”

Mel is all of the above and more.  She’s someone I trust and who’s seen some of my worse and best moments.  I can count on her not only for friendship but also for a night of comedy and camaraderie.  It feels positive with her.  And she’s such a good person.  She proved that once again just a few days ago when on New Years Eve, as we sat waiting for the torch light parade at the ski resort, she singlehandedly saved a young boy from choking.

It happened so quickly, I saw a woman yell “He’s choking!  He’s choking!” as she pointed to a young man.  Then I followed her finger to a young young boy with fear in his eyes coupled by a watery face.  It was clear he was choking.  And then I saw Mel.  It was all in slow motion, she pushed aside the chairs to get to him like Godzilla trampling down buildings, then she grabbed him, turned him around, and immediately performed the Heimlich.  With one thrust the young lad spit out the piece of food that was choking him.  She saved him!  Our hero!  Our Mel!  And that made me proud, proud to know I had a best friend as a nurse/savior and also the knowledge that I can eat whatever I want to and if it ever came down to it, she would Heimlich me if necessary.

Happy Birthday to you on this beautiful beautiful day Mel…you old fart….  I love you. :-))

Below are images of Mel and her beautiful family taken today and yesterday in Truckee, California.

Tahoe_2010_2011_014.jpg Tahoe_2010_2011_075.jpg Tahoe_2010_2011_050.jpg Tahoe_2010_2011_055.jpg 4-up.jpg Tahoe_2010_2011_004.jpg Tahoe_2010_2011_003.jpg Tahoe_2010_2011_017_cropped.jpg

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