We woke this morning, first of the year, to a snowy Tahoe day.  I felt warm and snuggly and snuggling next to Travis the first of the year made it even more snuggly.  I wished him Happy New Year, slowly tilting my head so morning breath would’t head his way.  Then I grudgingly got up and trudged downstairs.  Helen was sitting at the brekkie table and she immediately guided me towards hot oatmeal on the stove.  The rest of the group woke up later and tried seriously to keep it healthy but found ourselves digging in the fridge for bacon.  [Note to Helen….it was Mel’s idea….lol…We LOVE LOVED your oatmeal!]

This is our second time together in Tahoe for New Years….Mel with her family, Helen with hers, and Travis, Hanna, and I.  It’s been good together, playing in the snow, cooking, sharing, being the way we are as friends should be.  We’ve been here since Thursday evening and spent yesterday on the slopes at Tahoe Donner Ski Resort.  We  boarded, skied, and watched the torch light parade.  Today we kept it chill and spent the day building a snow tunnel to China which didn’t really reach China, building a sledding area for the kids and adults, and trying to dig out the hot tub which in the end became nonfunctional.  Tomorrow we head home.

Below is a small video of the torch light parade from last night.  It’s something I look forward to each year.  As cold as it gets, it’s become a tradition.  Last year we saw it in Kirkwood and this year at Tahoe Donner.  Next year who knows where?

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