Irene & Tony: Engaged

There’s always something with each session that sticks out or gets engrained that I can’t shake off.  For Tony and Irene’s engagement session, it was boots.  Her boots….dazzling high-heeled zippered boots.  I’m a flats and sneakers chick but heavens to boot betsy I loved loved loved her boots!  Such a great complement to her outfit.  And her eyes…RAWRRRR!!!


Of course Tony’s dimple AND “his good side,” as he jokingly stated is not to be missed.  And for those not in the know, Tony has this adorable dimple on his left.  He’s also jovial, kind, and smiled 99.92% of the time.  Watching him work with Irene was a treat and they’re beautiful.  I’m just glad they didn’t mind kissing in the middle of a crowd or running across the street inbetween bouts of traffic or even standing in the center of Columbus Street for everyone to gawk at while we worked the shots.

I’m also grateful they chose wonderful locations.  Irene wrote in her email, “North Beach because Tony is Italian” and “Ghiradelli because we love desserts…”

North Beach and desserts….JACKPOT!!!  There’s this energy at North Beach.  I don’t know if it’s the hustle and bustle, the cafes, the people, the charm.  Whatever it is, the sun was out in full force so energy was supercharged which meant it was hustling and bustling more so.  Think a surplus of cars, people, buses, buildings, graffitti, murals, the works.  Prime pickings for background material.  And Ghiradelli, with its lights and cupcakes, didn’t disappoint.

Thank you Tony and Irene for your kindness, hard work and special thank you for sharing my indulgence with Kara’s cupcakes!

To view their slideshow, click here.

IT_E_024.jpg IT_E_015_.jpg IT_E_011.jpg IT_E_023.jpg IT_E_022.jpg IT_E_021.jpg IT_E_019.jpg  IT_E_002.jpg IT_E_007_.jpg IT_E_018.jpg IT_E_014.jpg





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