Today’s a good day, not only is it perfect weather, but throngs of folks are out to celebrate.  Since 8am, Market and Montgomery Streets have been flooded with Giants fans.  And not only are adults present, but a huge majority viewing the parade are kids.  I’m talking about the young ones that should be in school but have been excused to come out to the parade and celebrate our World Series winning team.  So much chanting and cheering at anything and everything that passes along Montgomery and Market….the Red Bull car, the cavalcade of motorcycle cops, the woman standing out of her car’s sun roof while her husband slowly drives forward encouraging one side to say “GO” and the other side to say “GIANTS,” or even as I’m cycling down Market with other cyclists and people on the sidewalk high fivin’ us as we cycle by.  The energy is incredibly electric, wild, fun, and extremely good natured.

Currently I’m watching from the 3rd floor of 44 Montgomery, prime viewing as it faces Montgomery Street.  Wide windows allow me to see the spectacle below, hear the noise, the horns, the cheers, view the beautiful confetti as it floats down from above and I have to say…I am lucky!  Lucky to witness the parade and lucky to be alive to see the Giants win a World Series.  And here’s my confession, I have never been a true Giants fan.  I’ve attended games at the park for the experience, to eat garlic fries, to watch Bonds, for comaraderie with friends, to root the Giants on and cheer but because I’ve witnessed a team of “misfits” become heroes and because it has brought together a city, if not the Bay Area, I am convinced I will need to root more often and truly become more of an authentic fan.  One more thing to be lucky about this gorgeous day…hot dogs, sodas, and a clean bathroom nearby.  Yes….today is perfect!

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