Barangay Dance Company

I love this company and it’s a treat to always watch them perform.  This weekend they’re performing at the Ethnic Dance Festivals in San Francisco.  Ethnic Dance is big time!  Over a hundred dance companies audition but only a few make it.  Barangay made it!

If you’re in San Francisco and looking for a Father’s Day present or you’d just like to see some of the best ethnic dance companies perform including Barangay, please check them out at the Palace of Fine Arts….two shows on Saturday and one show (2pm) on Sunday (Father’s Day).  If you don’t have a Father’s Day present yet, bring your dad and family to the show.  It’s truly amazing!

 Below are images from a book project I worked on last year with the company.

Album_005_cover.jpg Album_002.jpg Album_001.jpg Album_004.jpg Album_003.jpg Album_005.jpg Album_006.jpg Album_007.jpg Album_008.jpg Album_009.jpg Album_011.jpg Album_012.jpg Album_013.jpg Album_014.jpg Album_016.jpg Album_017.jpg Album_018.jpg Album_019.jpg Album_020.jpg Album_021.jpg Album_023.jpg Album_024.jpg Album_25.jpg

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